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Caffeine Menagerie

1227 words by attila written on 2003–01–21, last edit: 2016–08–06, tags: snark

Coffee Drinkers : The heroin addicts of the caffeine world: serious determined set on their own particular preferences not interested in what you have to say about the matter. Voltaire drank at least 4 cups of strong coffee a day and was a force to be reckoned with … read more

And now, a message from the Chief Dissonance Officer

688 words by attila written on 2003–02–07, last edit: 2016–08–05, tags: rant, snark, system

Friends Americans Countrymen lend me your fears.

Heh heh little joke there. Hello it’s me your Chief Dissonance Officer showing you that I’m not afraid of a little joke now and then just like anyone else. I’d like to have a frank little chat with you … read more

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